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With features similar to those of a dedicated server, VPS gives you the control you need

VPS Hosting - control at your fingertips, real freedom of action

With VPS hosting, you can be sure that your site will work the way you expect it to. At TopHost we offer several VPS hosting packages, each one equipped with different server configurations and performance levels.

Who is VPS hosting for?

Virtual Private Server Hosting, commonly known as VPS, is a website hosting environment that allows to dedicate resources such as RAM and CPU to your account. This is achieved by virtualizing a dedicated server and splitting resources between users on that server.

Users are guaranteed resources on their VPS web hosting account. This means that you will always have the set amount of RAM, CPU and disk space that you have chosen with the hosting plan, regardless of what other users on the server are doing. This allows you to improve the performance of your site and assures its stability. You also don't share the operating system with other users, which provides better security for your website files.

Also, hosting a website on a VPS host means a lot of administration flexibility: You get root access and can choose the most suitable for your purposes operating system which will be installed on your VPS.

Virtual server - real freedom

VPS hosting provides advanced server management options and allows developers, designers and system administrators to customize the necessary settings for their own needs, and create without limits thanks to its impressive processing power, full root access and 100% ownership of all resources offered.

Enhanced performance

All of the resources belong only to you, including the processor, memory and disk space. No need to worry about someone else’s site traffic impact on your site's performance. VPS hosting is powerful and stable, which is why it is recommended as the best option for hosting websites and online applications.


Ease of scaling

If you wish to upgrade your server environment because you need more resources, just choose a different VPS hosting plan. No need to transfer files or run the risk of downtime, just update your package via control panel.


High speed

All our VPS servers are equipped with the latest Intel Xeon processors, terabytes of NVMe SSD disk space and RAM per server. This gives you enough computing power for any type of online project, even a large-scale endeavor.


99.99% uptime

VPS hosting guarantees 99.9% server fault tolerance - your website will be available and operational even under conditions of an increased traffic. Not a second of downtime or disconnection from the network.


What is the difference between regular hosting and VPS hosting?

Shared hosting clients receive distributed resources of the server that hosts their websites. With shared hosting, there is no guarantee of the exact amount of RAM or CPU space. Shared hosting also does not provide full root access to the server, unlike a VPS package, with which you have full power to execute commands and make changes to the configuration of your hosting environment at will.

How to get started with VPS hosting?

Getting started with VPS hosting is very easy, just choose one of our VPS hosting plans (depending on the amount of resources your website needs) and follow the instructions. If you still have any questions, please call ... Our customers are guaranteed constant professional technical support.

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VPS Hosting - control at your fingertips, real freedom of action

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