VPS/VDS SSD Hosting in Europe

VPS management interfaces, which allows for a fast deployment and an easy administration of the VPS servers in 9 locations.

Scalable and fully manageable

Cloud VPS Hosting in Europe

NVME VDS/VPS - High performance servers in Europe - 9 countries. Fully virtualized servers using QEMU KVM.

VPS servers in Europe with SSD storage

Advantages SSD Cloud VPS


  • Fast activation and optimized speed 
  • Backup & Snapshots
  • Root Access and Administration Interface
  • Advanced security and protection

Cloud VPS Features


  • DDoS Protection Included
  • OS Reinstall through Web Interface
  • Now with Super-Fast NVMe Drives
  • Speed, flexibility and stability

Included with all VPS plans

Our range of VPS hosting plans is designed with flexibility in mind, built for performance and dependability

Frequently Aksed Questions

Where are your virtual private servers physically located?

We have multiple locations and we will add new locations in time. When you're ordering a VPS, you can choose the location where it will be. Our current locations are: Germany, Cyprus, France, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom.

Do you offer backups? How do the automated backups work?

Yes, we offer both manual and automated backups for free. The maximum number of backups is 2 per VPS. The backups are low priority and can take up to several hours to be performed. We reserve the right to remove this feature at any time.


2 times a week, at various intervals, a new backup is created for your VPS. It will replace your oldest backup, be it manual or automated. The backups are located on a different disk from where your vps is located which is also in RAID10 for resiliency, in order to keep your data safe.

Is it possible to add ptr/rdns to my ip?

Yes, it can be done from the server's page. Please keep in mind that mass-mailing is prohibited!

Do you provide ipv6?

Yes, we provide a /124 subnet with each VPS.

It should be noted that SMTP is available only from the first IPv6 address and it is not available for the "VPS One" package.

Can I send emails from the VPS?

Yes, but with specific restrictions. Mass mailing / newsletters are strictly prohibited. The "VPS Euro 1" package does not permit any emailing (except for customers enrolled in our loyalty program or when the service is prepaid for 12 months) and the other packages are restricted to 100 emails/day.

SMTP is available only from the main IP address and the first IPv6 address. You need to set a valid rDNS with your own domain name in order to use SMTP.

What is the connection uplink of the VPS?

The uplink of our VPS is 1gbps shared. The guaranteed speed is 100Mbps for all our packages except the "VPS One" package for which the guaranteed speed is 70Mbps. If the allocated monthly bandwidth is overused, the link will be limited to 1mbps until you upgrade your package.

The speed in Cyprus is not guaranteed, due to its isolated geographical location and the lack of tier 1 internet providers.

Can I upgrade the VPS at a later date?

Yes, you can choose to upgrade to any of the other packages at any time. All your data will be safe and kept intact, the ip remains the same and the upgrade process takes 3-5 minutes.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, we provide week-long technical support, from 9:00 to 21:00 GMT+2, through our ticket system. Please note that our servers are sold as unmanaged, meaning we handle the live status of the server, such as network and hardware issues, but we do not handle issues related to 3rd party software installed on the server.

Pot scana de pe server porturile?

No, any kind of port or vulnerability scanning shall lead to the termination of the service.

Can I do any stress testing from the server?

No, any kind of flood, dos or other "stress testing" shall lead to the permanent termination of all the services in the account.

Can I host copyrighted products on the server?

No, hosting copyrighted products without the proper licensing shall lead to the termination of the service.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

You can pay for the services from anywhere in the world at any time!
MoneyBack - 30 days! TopHost company guarantees a full refund within 30 days from the date of the first payment.

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