FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

SSD NVMe hosting in Moldova - Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the servers physically located?
Our servers are physically located on several technical platforms in Moldova, USA and Europe (UK).

How can a website be transferred from another hosting provider to TopHost?

In order to be able to move your site to TopHost, you have to become our client.

Once the contents of your site are transferred to our hosting, the NS-server of the transferred domain (s) must be changed. If you have registered the domain independently, you can change the NS-server using the domain’s control panel. If it was registered by another hosting company, you should ask them to change the NS-server on your behalf.

Once the NS server is changed, some time must elapse, during which the DNS update will occur. It usually takes about a day.

How can I find out whether the domain is free?
You may find out about domains availability by using our whois service. The whois service allows you to obtain information about the domain name, the person or the organization to which it currently belongs, the registration date of the domain and its expiration date.

I plan to register (transfer) the domain by myself. Which data shall I indicate?

For servers in R.Moldova:


For USA and European servers:


I have ordered a hosting account. When is it going to be created?
Immediately after the payment is received.

How to use FTP?  How to upload files to the server?
By using  an FTP client - for example, "CuteFTP", or directly from cPanel, via FTP-manager  (File Manager directory).

In which directories are the files and scripts placed?

When entering the file manager (site control panel - file manager), or when connecting to the FTP server, the user finds himself in a directory containing the following folders:

public_html - for HTML, PHP, scripts, images and other files that are used for the web-site.
cgi-bin - directory for scripts storage (for example,  Perl files). Through web access, scripts from this folder will be available at the following url:
www - shortcut do  public_html
tmp -  directory for temporary files which are specially created for uploading files via php-upload function.

What are the settings for:  FTP, POP3, SMTP?
FTP host:  domain_name, server hosting or alocated IP address
POP3-server: mail.domain_name
SMTP-server: mail.domain_name

What web server is being used?
Apache 2.2.29

Which version of Perl do you offer?
Perl version: 5.10.1

Which PHP version do you recommend?
 5.2; 5.3; 5.4; 5.5, 5.6.
PHP version can be changed via cPanel using PHP Selector.
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Which version of MySQL is there?

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