Dedicated servers

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Dedicated Servers in R.Moldova

For enhanced performance and mega-projects, SSD & NVMe Servers în R. Moldova

Dedicated servers

Service of dedicated server include


  • Free installation and monitoring
  • Integrated IP-KVM
  • HDD or SSD
  • 99.9% UPTIME network
  • Stability and quality

Why us?


  • High quality DELL server hardware
  • Getting the ordered server during a day
  • Consumption of electricity inclusive
  • Own reliable data platform
  • High communication channels and BGP connection
Dedicated servers

Included in all dedicated server plans

Our solutions are designed for flexibility, performance and reliability

Frequently Aksed Questions

For whom and what is a Dedicated Server rental suitable for?

Dedicated server rental is suitable:

 - for projects loads that require increased performance;

 - for complex calculations;

 - to organize your own cloud;

 - for large projects and services;

 - for organizing your own hosting.

What is Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server (Dedicated Server) is one of the types of hosting services when a company (hosting provider) leases out a separate physical server.

Customers are given full access to hardware and software, they can independently install the required operating systems, change the configuration and perform any technical work.

Where is the hardware located?

Our equipment is located in a modern data center in Chisinau, Republic of Molova.

What are the benefits of a dedicated server R.Moldova?

The advantages of a dedicated server can be briefly described: control, security and performance.

Dedicated servers have the highest level of performance due to the resources allocated to a single user, compared to other types of web hosting.

Web hosting on a dedicated server in the Republic of Moldova benefits the user experience as well as the search engine rankings. A site that loads quickly is always better positioned to the detriment of a site that loads harder.

By hosting on a web server on a dedicated server, the loading time will be very short, thus improving the user experience. We know that Google prefers fast sites. The performance of this type of web hosting guarantees faster loading and higher positions in Google search results.

Performance - dedicated servers have a slightly higher computing power for applications that require complex solutions and high-traffic sites.

Flexibility - websites often grow in complexity and then more resources are needed. This hosting option allows you to easily add additional storage units, RAM, etc.

Security - due to the fact that the hosting environment on a dedicated server is completely isolated from other types of web hosting, you will not be affected by the actions of other customers.

You also don't have to worry about DDoS attacks. Rent a dedicated server now! All of our dedicated hosting plans include DDoS protection!

Can I use my dedicated cPanel server?

The most popular control panel is also available for our dedicated servers. To use cPanel/ WHM you need to purchase a dedicated server license for only $ 34.95/month

Will I have root/SSH access to the dedicated server?

You have 100% access to your dedicated server and all its resources. The root account, in the case of Linux/Unix operating systems, is the administrator account, with which you can manage your equipment according to your needs. However, we recommend using a normal user for regular activities.

What is the difference between dedicated server and VPS?

Dedicated server is a physical server. It provides full control over hardware and software. The dedicated server can be configured to offer higher performance, but it costs more than a virtual server (VPS).

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a hosting solution that uses virtualization technology to split a single physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each VPS has its own dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM and disk space. They can be configured to provide performance similar to that of a dedicated server, but at a much lower cost.

Web Hosting SSD NVMe

If you want to have a dedicated server in the Republic of Moldova, then TopHost is the best choice. We offer customized dedicated server solutions that can adapt to your needs and requirements. The best dedicated servers are available at affordable prices and provide excellent performance for online business.

TopHost can provide you with dedicated servers with flexible configurations and high scalability, so that you can get the best results from your online activity. The servers are equipped with Intel Xeon processors, high-performance SSD & NVMe drives, so you can run any type of web application without interruptions or speed problems.

In addition, TopHost can provide you with 24/7 technical support via live chat and email for any issue you encounter with your dedicated server in Moldova. TopHost ensures that all IT infrastructure is maintained to high standards through proper administration and constant monitoring.

High performance: TopHost's dedicated servers offer high performance and full configuration control. With dedicated servers, you have full control over the software configuration you use to make your website or application work properly and efficiently.

Web Hosting SSD NVMe
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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MoneyBack - 30 days! TopHost company guarantees a full refund within 30 days from the date of the first payment.

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