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Business Web Hosting

Business hosting plans are ideal for web-designers, developers and those who run
e-commerce projects, resource-intensive or high traffic websites

Why choose our premium hosting?


  • Superior performance
  • cPanel for easy management + SSL
  • Enterprise-grade NVMe SSD drives
  • Dedicated RAM/CPU resources
  • Unlimited traffic

Hosting and e-commerce

  • Maximum speed and reliability
  • Stability for excellent sales results
  • LiteSpeed ​​server for fast website performance
  • Optimized for WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Bitrix
Why choose our premium hosting?

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Frequently Aksed Questions

What is the difference between business hosting and regular hosting?

Business hosting allows hosting projects that need additional RAM and CPU resources.  Accounts are paid on a high-performance server for a limited number of outlines per server.

What is the difference between premium hosting and VPS Hosting?

On Business hosting servers we take care of all the necessary updates of the operating system and the necessary software.

In the case of a virtual server, you should do it yourself or use the administration service.

What is the permissible load of the Premium Hosting?

The allowed resource usage of a business hosting rate is 2 times higher that regular hosting.

You can always count on the advice of technical support, who will tell you what is the best rate for your case.

What sites or projects require business hosting?

This type of professional hosting is perfect for corporate sites, popular blogs and online stores, the functioning of which affects the efficiency of the business, as well as for sites that have grown out of regular hosting and require more resources, but at the same time are not too large to be hosted on a dedicated server.

Premium Hosting is a solution for those who want to be able to smoothly increase server resources as their Internet project grows.

How to transfer a website from shared hosting to business hosting?

When you change the tariff from shared hosting to business hosting, the transfer of sites occurs automatically and does not require any action on the part of the administrator.

Despite the fact that business and shared hosting are located on different servers, the migration procedure is unnoticed for site visitors.

Can I use Python or Node.js on Premium Hosting?

Python and Node.js are supported on all our shared hosting plans without any additional cost.

For which sites do you need business hosting?

When a site, due to the increased resource requirements, cannot be accommodated on shared hosting servers, you have to switch to VPS.


But to manage a VPS, you have to know to use Linux or hire a specialist. Entrust complex projects and the operation of your online store to powerful and fast servers.


Business hosting (VIP hosting) combines the functions of VPS and virtual hosting - you use a convenient and familiar control panel with guaranteed resources, and if they are not enough, you can always add more. Fast servers for maximum website speed.


Business hosting  is a logical choice for sites with high traffic. Previously, there were only two options for the owner - to switch to a dedicated server or VPS, which is not at all easy. First, to launch such a project one may need to hire a highly qualified specialist. Secondly, renting and maintaining a dedicated server or a powerful VPS is much more expensive.


But, if the website simply stepped over the bar of shared hosting capabilities, this does not necessarily complicate the matter: Business hosting gives a chance to keep the simplicity and convenience of a virtual hosting, expanding its resource and capacity.

For which sites do you need business hosting?

Business hosting makes it possible

Build and maintain your e-commerce platform with an instrument, that is specifically optimized to handle large amounts of data and queries, to deliver excellent sales results.


Dedicated RAM and CPU will allow you to load your site's content faster than standard shared hosting plans. High levels of dedicated resources keep your website running even with a large user flow.


Business hosting plans will be also helpful for companies that run regular online promotions.


If your site works slowly due to a large number of non-optimized scripts, and your CMS has lost its former efficiency as the project develops, do not rush to “change the entire system”. It is quite possible that a switch to a Business hosting will be enough.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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MoneyBack - 30 days! TopHost company guarantees a full refund within 30 days from the date of the first payment.

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