Web Hosting from TopHost

Web Hosting from TopHost

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The hosting provider TopHost offers professional web hosting and domain registration. We offer high-quality hosting, using the latest technology at affordable prices. Technical platform is unique in Moldova - the servers are physically located in Moldova, the USA, Europe (UK). By placing at us your website, you can be sure that it will be constantly available and the speed of downloading will be maximally high.

The TopHost Company presents intelligently-designed Web Hosting Solutions. With over 10 years' experience in the IT industry and thousands of hosted websites, TopHost provides its customers with stable and powerful Web solutions. The company is characterized by cutting-edge technologies and highly qualified specialists - two elements that create the perfect formula guaranteeing high quality services. Moreover, TopHost provides free technical assistance to customers 24/7, 365 days a year.

Hosting from TopHost meets the highest standards in Moldova, the customers receiving a full range of services in order to manage their sites. Our hosting - the best hosting in Moldova for you and for your website, by becoming our client, you will always be sure that your website is in good hands.
TopHost - the best balance between price, quality and level of service. We provide an individual approach to each client, we offer technical support at all stages of the existence of your project, and the low prices set us apart from our competitors. We offer you a full range of services in the field of web hosting services. The paid hosting in Moldova from us - it's the absence of restrictions on the traffic, continuous data backup and security of your information.

Web Hosting (shared hosting) is the most widespread web hosting solution, best suited for some medium-sized enterprises. The TopHost Company has a very good offer in this respect. TopHost proposes 4 web hosting packages, from which customers can choose the one that best fits their needs. Our customers are benefiting from stability, unlimited traffic and professional support services.

When setting the hosting tariff plans, TopHost is guided by the following rule: everything is included. This is about an unlimited number of hosted domains, e-mails, databases and much more.

hosting description
VDS/VPS servers – the service that allows using a physical server by means of some virtualization apps by combining its advantages with the flexibility of the hosting settings. While using this service, you may obtain root access on the VPS server, a dedicated IP address and the possibility of installing the required operating system. The customers choosing the VPS hosting solution are benefiting from dedicated and guaranteed resources, such as CPU, RAM, HDD and unlimited traffic. The Virtual Private Server provides security and flexibility just like a dedicated server, but at much lower costs.

Dedicated Servers – the customer opting for a dedicated server rents a physical server on which are placed only his/her websites and applications. The dedicated servers are recommended to the companies that require complex solutions in terms of web hosting: which need a much higher traffic of data for operational applications, necessary in the daily activities. The TopHost Company provides Dell-brand safe and advanced equipments (servers), installed in our protected data center. The Company is headquartered in the Chisinau Municipality and its technical staff and customers have direct access to the servers.
You can pay for the services from anywhere in the world at any time!
MoneyBack - 15 days!
The company TopHost guarantees a full refund within 15 days from the date of the first payment.