What does Web Hosting mean?

What does Web Hosting mean?

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Web Hosting is the service by means of which your website and the files contained in it are stored on a server. The Web Hosting Service makes your website accessible to all the Internet users. The site is composed of several files that are placed in a specific folder on the server. Web Hosting means renting a space on the company’s server for a certain period of time. The server is connected to the Internet via a broad traffic band.

The server is a high performance computer, specially designed and created to provide the customers with the possibility of storing several sites and able to serve all the requests coming from the server’s systems and applications. The Web Hosting Service offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to hold a website in the Global Network of Internet.

Besides the allocated storage space on the server, we provide other facilities as well, such as a convenient control panel (cPanel) and several configuration options: adding/editing sub-domains, databases, emails, accessing files, cron jobs, automatic installing of CMS scripts and various statistics about your website visitors.

How to choose the right Web Hosting Subscription?

When choosing the best subscription, the following aspects should be taken into account: the space occupied by the php/html files or of other nature depending on the language used to create the website’s images. Just as the pdf or word documents – which can be attached to pages. The mailboxes created on the hosting account require an allocated space as well. For the normal functioning of the mailbox, it is recommended to allocate hundreds of MB.

The most common technologies used in Web Hosting Servers are the following: PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion or ASP.NET) with various types of databases (MYSQL, PostgreSQL). On these servers can easily be installed e-commerce (online shopping) sites or forums.

Usually, the servers run on certain operating systems, the most common being Linux and Windows.

The Web Hosting Services offered by our company can be divided into 4 categories:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VDS/VPS Servers
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Reseller Web Hosting
Shared Web Hosting - is the type of hosting where the files of several sites are placed on the same server. These sites are jointly consuming the server’s resources (HDD, CPU, RAM, etc); this type of Web Hosting is most commonly used by companies for corporate websites, presentation websites, small and medium-sized online stores, etc.

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VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting - is quite similar to the Shared Web Hosting, the only difference is that its resources are greater and the resource’s sharing is based on the virtualization apps that are virtually dividing them and ensure the use of the purchased inputs (HDD, CPU and RAM).

Dedicated Hosting/Dedicated Servers - the dedicated server can be rented and totally controlled by the customer. When renting the server, you can choose the operating system that can be installed on your allocated server: Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu or Windows Server.

Reseller Web Hosting - represents the web hosting that allows the hosting account owner to sell the system’s resources (disk space, bandwidth control, etc.). This type of hosting is most widely used by the web design companies or web developers.

Placing an Order - it is extremely simple, just select the services you want to purchase, click the "order" button and follow the steps to finish the order.

Payment and activation - the purchased services will be enabled immediately upon confirmation of the payment. The payment can be made via the integrated systems on our website or by bank transfer, in case of the legal entities.