Site builder

How to create a website in a quick, easy manner and at no cost?

3 easy steps to create a site in 15 minutes
  1. Select a design template (from 100 available)
  2. 2. Change the design as desired (with the help of the Site Builder it is very easy, no additional knowledge is required)
  3. Publish the site on the Internet
What is a Site Builder?
The Site Builder is a program for creating sites in a very simple manner. You can create a website quickly and easily and without any additional knowledge in programming and web design.
Get a professional design in your own style.

It is perfect for sites belonging to small businesses or dedicated to photography, art and healthy lifestyle. There are ready-made templates from which you can choose the one that best fits your needs and corresponds to the appropriate topic. You can also choose any design and make the necessary changes.

The Site Builder allows you to:
  • Create a website
  • Use text effects
  • Create mobile versions of sites – perhaps it is the most useful option, since it allows your site be accessible from any device, such as smart phones and tablets.

This is a simple way to add any item to a page. It is very easy to add any content:  text, tables, images, a gallery or a feedback form.

SEO Friendly
Occupy a good position in Google and other search engines. In order to take an as high as possible position in the search engines, you need to create informative and useful texts - by using keywords. It is also recommended to introduce user friendly links (URL) by using page headings, descriptions, keywords and phrases.

Social networks
Add buttons – use Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter in order to allow users to easily share the link to your website with their friends. One important characteristic that stands out and proved to be very useful is the website optimization for smart phones. The Site Builder generates automatically a mobile version of the site. Improving your website's search engine ranking becomes an enjoyable experience thanks to the SEO tools that are integrated into the Site Builder.

TopHost Company - continues to introduce new features for its clients and adds a new option in cPanel - Zyro Builder. Zyro is the best program which is available free of charge to the customers who want to create a site without having special experience and knowledge in this area. This option is available to all the TopHost customers from cPanel (Hosting Control Panel). You can install the Site Builder on your hosting with a single click.

Once the design is finished, you can make changes when necessary, at any time, since there are all the necessary features to do so and it is very easy. In this case, you can create a website and always update it in just a few minutes and do not spend hours in this respect. The Site Builder helps our clients to create their own sites and allows them to personalize them according to their own individual needs.

Add your own domain
You can connect any domain to the site, created by means of the Site Builder, by using our web hosting services.

100% FREE!
Site Pro is offered completely free for any hosting package you purchase from TopHost.
No alien advertisements, links or banners will appear on your website.

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