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TopHost - the best  web hosting provider in Moldova

The web hosting provider TopHost, provides  web hosting services in Moldova. We offer high-quality hosting, using the latest technology at affordable prices.

Our purpose - to open new possibilities in the hosting technology, continuously improving the level of customer service.

The company's marketing policy is based on the principle of low prices and reliability of hosting services in Moldova. Such a strategy allows to considerably expand the number of users of paid hosting, making  it affordable to anyone. The hosting provider TopHost - this is a reliable partner proven over the years. Founded in 2006, the company has tirelessly worked at improving the quality of its services and proved to be a reliable partner and a choice of professionals.

The websites of our clients work without interruptions and delays due to the fact that we host them on our servers with high reliability level and fast access speed.

Advantages of the company

advantages of webhosting
The status of any hosting operator is characterized by the presence of his own equipment. In order to provide stable and uninterrupted operation of the customers’ web sites, TopHost uses its own equipment, which is located  in our modern data center in Chisinau, Moldova. This means that the benefits of working with us, as compared to the hosting providers dealing with the so-called reselling (rent a third-party equipment and intermediary services), are obvious.
In the organization of the interrupted operation of the hosting system it is used a high-performance certified equipment of famous manufacturers such as Dell, HP, MikroTik, Supermicro, Cisco, etc. Our network is connected to high-speed channels of data transfer, which provides communication stability and convenience in the work of the services provided. A backup power supply and additional channels of communication provide the uninterrupted operation of the server equipment to the system.
The company's customers have the possibility to the convenient management of their settings, thanks to the management of cPanel. The customer support service of the company ensures the assistance of the clients 24 hours a day with minimal delay in responses.
Constantly increasing the range of provided Internet services in Moldova in the field of web hosting solutions allows you, with a maximum reliability and quality, to ensure the functionality of your projects. At the moment hosting service provider TopHost provides virtual web hosting in Moldova and abroad with the support of PHP, MySQL, CGI, SSI,. Htaccess, as well as domain registration services.

Why are we better than other hosting providers in Moldova?

system administrator
  • Powerful Dell PowerEdge with SSD RAID 10
  • Low-cost hosting at high quality
  • When transferring from a different provider it is possible to get a free month + help in the transfer
  • Unlimited number of domains
  • Unlimited number of databases
  • The control panel Cpanel
  • PHP, MySQL and other server technologies
  • Highly reliable servers
  • Huge selection of domain zones at the lowest prices
  • Uncompromising honesty in the relationship with the customer
  • Rapid and competent client support service
  • Backup of client data

Choose a high-quality professional hosting in Moldova and your data will be safe and accessible all the time.

If you have any questions or difficulty in choosing a web hosting provider in Moldova - contact us and you will get a free consultation.